Replace multiple ids in a path after validation [Golang]


I have a path delimited by /and an expectation to have multiple ids I want to replace with a constant value. The issue I am facing is that once it validates the first id, it performs the replacement and stops. My assumption is that I should be having some sort of do while in Golang (see this resource – I know there is no such a construct in Go) and I have attempted at using:

for true {       
      // do something

but still only the first id is replaced. Any idea? Thank you

Here is my Go Playground example with the original implementation


The problem is you early return after first match. Since you iterating parts of path you should assign result of strings.Replace() to a variable and return after for loop. Assign to path instead of returning and it should work as expected.

func SubstituteById(path string, repl string) string {
    ids := strings.Split(path, "/")
    for _, id := range ids {
        if fastuuid.ValidHex128(id) {
            path = strings.Replace(path, id, repl, -1)
    return path

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