Request times out when try to assume a role with AWS sts from a private subnet using a VPC Endpoint


When I’m calling AWS sts to assume a role in a lambda function running in a private subnet on a VPC with an Endpoint configured for STS. However, my request times out.

My setup is as follows:

  • I run a lambda attached to a private subnet and security group in a VPC
  • Because the subnet is private, I’ve configured a VPC Endpoint to access STS on
  • My lambda is written in golang using the older sdk-for-go v1 api:
  • I’ve also configered a VPC Endpoint to access S3 which works without problems

My terraform configuration for the VPC endpoint is:

resource "aws_vpc_endpoint" "xxxx-sts" {
  vpc_id =
  service_name = ""
  vpc_endpoint_type = "Interface"
  security_group_ids = []
  subnet_ids = []
  private_dns_enabled = true


To fix this problem, add the following ENV key/value to your lambda or application environment:


This forces the AWS SDK to use regional rather than global endpoints when calling STS as documented here:

What happens otherwise is that the Go SDK will default to using the global sts endpoint for regions such as eu-west-1 (This happens in the following regions: ap-northeast-1, ap-south-1, ap-southeast-1, ap-southeast-2, aws-global, ca-central-1, eu-central-1, eu-north-1, eu-west-1, eu-west-2, eu-west-3, sa-east-1, us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-1, and us-west-2)

The STS VPC Endpoint is configured only for regional URLs and so when the program tries to access a global URL in a private subnet, a connection can’t be established and times out instead.

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