server returned error on SASL authentication step: Authentication failed


The following is my MongoDB connection dial from GoLang. But it’s returning a panic “server returned error on SASL authentication step: Authentication failed.“. My username, password, hostAddrs and dbName are correct. What am I missing here?

dbName: = os.Getenv("ENV_DBNAME")
userName: = os.Getenv("ENV_DBUSER")
password: = os.Getenv("ENV_DBPASS")
dbHost: = os.Getenv("ENV_DBHOST")
mongoDialInfo: = & mgo.DialInfo {
 Addrs: [] string {
 Database: dbName,
 Username: userName,
 Password: password,
 Timeout: 60 * time.Second,
sess, err: = mgo.DialWithInfo(mongoDialInfo)
if (err != nil) {



I faced similar error and added --authenticationDatabase parameter and it worked while we connecting to a remote MongoDB

Use the similar below format in your code :

$mongorestore --host databasehost:98761 --username restoreuser
--password restorepwd --authenticationDatabase admin --db targetdb ./path/to/dump/

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