Testing Goroutine That My Code Does Not Wait For


I have a function that is executed concurrently. It’s task is to run a command line method, logging an error if there is one. My main thread of execution does not wait for this method to finish. It simply returns optimistically.

How do I test my function? Assuming that I give it a cmdStr, such as {"sleep", "1"}, that works but doesn’t return instantly, how can I get my test to wait for this function to finish?

I want to ensure that the actual program that runs this does not have to wait for it to finish.

func runCmd(cmdStr []string, errChan chan error) {
  cmd := exec.Command(cmdStr...)
  var out bytes.Buffer
  cmd.Stdout = &out
  err := cmd.Start()
  if err != nil {
    errChan <- err
  // Command started successfully, so our caller can continue.
  errChan <- nil
  err = cmd.Wait()
  if err != nil {


Use a wait group

wg := sync.WaitGroup{}
errc := make(chan error)
go func() {
    runCmd([]string{"sleep", 1}, errc)
err <- errc
if err != nil {
    // handle error

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