"The selected directory is not a valid home for Go Sdk"


I’m using IntelliJ Idea, and the google-go-lang-idea-plugin from:


When I try to add my APT provided Go installation to the Go SDK list, I get the following error

The selected directory is not a valid home for Go Sdk

I have tried adding the following directories as the Go SDK root

  • /usr/share/go/
  • /usr/share/src/
  • /usr/lib/go/
  • /usr/lib/go/src/
  • /usr/lib/go/pkg/
  • /usr/lib/go/pkg/linux_amd64

Does anyone know how to get this working? I’ve commented on the various issues in the bugtracker, however the maintainer claimed that this was fixed 10 months ago.

Failing that, does anyone know what this plugin is actually looking for that would make a directory look like the SDK directory?


It turns out that google-go-lang-idea-plugin requires a slightly different folder structure than the default apt install produces. To fix it:

# mkdir /usr/lib/go/bin
# ln -s /usr/bin/go    /usr/lib/go/bin/go
# ln -s /usr/bin/godoc /usr/lib/go/bin/godoc
# ln -s /usr/bin/gofmt /usr/lib/go/bin/gofmt

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