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I am starting to learn Go following the Microsoft tutorial https://docs.microsoft.com/es-mx/learn/modules/go-variables-functions-packages/4-packages The program runs and displays the result as in the tutorial, but the two problems that it is marking me cause me concern. I do not want to continue without understanding what this detail is due to, someone who has also happened to it, or who helps me to know what it is due to, I will be very grateful.

package main

import (
func main(){
    total := calculator.Sum(3, 5)
    fmt.Println("Version: ", calculator.Version)

I leave you the image where the error is marked in red lines in the editor enter image description here

I leave the image of the two problemsenter image description here

According to what I understood is that it does not find those files in any of the mentioned paths, but both files if I have them inside this path: C:\Projects\Go\src.
My GOPATH environment variable is: C:\Projects\Go


What I’ve learned is that you want vscode(or gopls) to correctly identify a multi-module project. Please refer to this(your are using Go1.18): https://github.com/golang/tools/blob/master/gopls/doc/workspace.md

And more about go modules: https://go.dev/blog/using-go-modules

And go workspace: https://go.dev/doc/tutorial/workspaces

Hope those could help you.

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