"undefined" function declared in another file?


I’m trying to write a basic go program that calls a function on a different file, but a part of the same package. However, it returns:

undefined: NewEmployee

Here is the source code:


package main

func main() {
emp := NewEmployee()    


package main

type Employee struct {
    name string
    age int

func NewEmployee() *Employee {
    p := &Employee{}
    return p

func PrintEmployee (p *Employee)  {
    return "Hello world!"


Please read "How to Write Go Code".

Use go build or go install within the package directory, or supply an import path for the package. Do not use file arguments for build or install.

While you can use file arguments for go run, you should build a package instead, usually with go run ., though you should almost always use go install, or go build.

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