Unit test context for Uber Cadence activity


I am writing a unit test for cadence activity function which is using an UUID to retrieve a contact from the contact service. I wonder what context should I pass into cadence activity.


func GetContactActivityFunc(ctx context.Context, input ContactBbInput) (ContactBbOutput, error) {

This is testing function.

func TestGetContactActivityFunc(t *testing.T) {
    mockCSInterface := &mocks.Interface{}
    csClient := outbound.NewContactServiceClient(mockCSInterface)
    ctx := context.Background()
    ctx = context.WithValue(ctx, outbound.ContactServiceClientKey, csClient)
    contactUUID := contact.UUID("917801ab-36ff-4eea-8352-d6eafedb5106")
    bbInput := ContactBbInput{
        ContactID: &contactUUID,
    bbOut, err := GetContactActivityFunc(ctx, bbInput)
    assert.NoError(t, err)
    assert.NotNil(t, bbOut.ContactObj)

The error message I got:

--- FAIL: TestGetContactActivityFunc (0.00s)
panic: getActivityEnv: Not an activity context [recovered]
    panic: getActivityEnv: Not an activity context


Use TestActivityEnvironment:

import (

s := &testsuite.WorkflowTestSuite{} 
env := s.NewTestActivityEnvironment() 
// This is needed if ctx contains some external dependencies like
// database client
  BackgroundActivityContext: ctx, 
contact, err := env.ExecuteActivity(GetContactActivityFunc)

Make sure that the activity is registered through activity.Register.

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