Using/setting up user authentication for sqlite3 in golang


I have to make my database password protected as a task in my school. For example if anyone tries to access my database it will ask the password.
I am trying to use go-sqlite3 package and I have tried reading the official guide.
First step is to use go build --tags <FEATURE>.
It gaves me an error build .: cannot find module for path .
I dont know why and what are we building in the first place. I tried searching for practical examples also and didnt found any.

Can you explain to me how I can setup user authentication for my database using the golangs go-sqlite3 package?
Link to the package


You need to replace <FEATURE> in that instruction by extension name(s) you want to enable from table below (Seems there’s an error in README and it has sqlite_ prefix stripped in example; build tag is indeed sqlite_userauth).

So, to enable user authentication that will be go build -tags "sqlite_userauth".

In your project with go-sqlite3 module dependency just make sure that you build with -tags sqlite_userauth.

Here is minimal example showing how you would work with this in your project:

mkdir sqlite3auth
cd sqlite3auth
go mod init sqlite3auth
touch main.go


package main

import (


func main() {
        // This is not necessary; just to see if auth extension is enabled
        sql.Register("sqlite3_log", &sqlite3.SQLiteDriver{
                ConnectHook: func(conn *sqlite3.SQLiteConn) error {
                        log.Printf("Auth enabled: %v\n", conn.AuthEnabled())
                        return nil

        // This is usual DB stuff (except with our sqlite3_log driver)
        db, err := sql.Open("sqlite3_log", "file:test.db?_auth&_auth_user=admin&_auth_pass=admin")
        if err != nil {
        defer db.Close()

        _, err = db.Exec(`select 1`)
        if err != nil {
go mod tidy
go: finding module for package
go: found in v1.14.10
# First build with auth extension (-o NAME is just to give binary a name)
go build -tags sqlite_userauth -o auth .
# then build without it
go build -o noauth .

2022/01/27 21:47:46 Auth enabled: true
2022/01/27 21:47:46 Auth enabled: false

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