What is ^0 in golang?


I am seeing ^0 in the code base.


type stat struct {
  min int64

newStat := stat{min: ^0}

What does ^0 mean?


According to the docs:

^x bitwise complement is m ^ x with m = "all bits set to 1" for

unsigned x and m = -1 for signed x

So ^x inverts each of the bits in x, eg. 0101 becomes 1010. This means that ^0 is the same as ~0 in other mainstream languages.

When using two’s complement to represent negative numbers (which most programming languages do), the value of the bitwise complement of zero (where all bits are 1) is -1. So this is a way to write:

newStat := stat{min: -1}

Answered By – Murilo Vasconcelos

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