why fmt.Scanf("%s", &name) print the previous value


I make this code for learning:-

package main

import (

func main() {

    for {
        name := ""
        fmt.Print("Enter : ")
        fmt.Scanf("%s", &name)
        b1, _ := strconv.ParseBool(name)
        fmt.Printf("%T, %v\n", b1, b1)



Enter : True

bool, true

Enter : bool, false

Enter :

why there is an extra "Enter: bool, false" line?
this will happen in Powershell, cmd and bash in windows but not in wsl.
enter image description here

Edit: this was the same issue but it is a different question. and the solution there as I mentioned is outdated, It was updated after I mentioned it in my answer but I have to confirm and check that.


I assume you’re using some IDE.

sometimes they mess up the console output, try to run directly from native terminal instead. Or use vscode.

enter image description here

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