Why is a linked record in a "Belongs To" relation empty?


Below is a program (based on GORM) that defines two database tables (users and cards) with the logic of a user having one card. It then creates the database, fills it in, searches and prints out the only record in it.

My problem: the card in the ultimate search is empty, it is not attached to the user.

From the database perspective everything is OK:


id  name    card_id
1   john    1


id  number
1   42

Please note that card_id in the first result correctly points to the id of the card.

Why is my last search returning an empty card?

package main

import (


type User struct {
    ID     uint
    Name   string
    UserCard   Card
    CardID uint

type Card struct {
    ID     uint
    Number string

func main() {
    // initialize the database
    db, _ := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("mytest.sqlite"), &gorm.Config{})
    db.AutoMigrate(&User{}, &Card{})
    // create one card
        Number: "42",
    // find that card
    var myCard Card
    db.Where(map[string]interface{}{"number": "42"}).First(&myCard)
    // create a user with that card
        Name: "john",
        UserCard: myCard,
    // find that user
    var myUser User
    db.Where(map[string]interface{}{"name": "john"}).First(&myUser)
    // print his name and card number
    // the problem is here: the card number is empty, as if the card was not linked
    fmt.Printf("name: %v, number: %v", myUser.Name, myUser.UserCard.Number)

// output
// name: john, number: 


go-gorm will not load nested objects out of the box and automatically, you will have to specify that you want nested objects loaded. In your case, UserCard is a nested object of User. Here you can see more details on how to do that with the Preload function, but it should look something like this:

var myUser User
db.Preload("UserCard").Where(map[string]interface{}{"name": "john"}).First(&myUser)

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