Why same Go Channel can't be started twice?


Can we start the one decalred channel twice in Go lang ?

package main

import (

func emit(c chan string) {

    words := []string {"The", "quick", "brown", "fox"}

    for _, word := range  words {
        c <- word

In the function main If i try to use the same channel twice i’m getting default value of that channel

func main() {

    wordChannel := make(chan string)

    go emit(wordChannel)

    for word := range wordChannel {
        fmt.Printf("%s ", word)

    go emit(wordChannel)
    word1 := <-wordChannel
    fmt.Printf("%s" , word1) // prints Default value


So to use it again i’ve to declare another channel.
If this is not an error why this was done in the Go Lang. ?
i’m using go -lang version 1.6


Channels are not “started”, channels simply exist and are in one of two states:

  • “open” in which case you can send values to them (and receive the values sent), or
  • “closed” in which you cannot send and receiving from a closed channel results in “the-zero-value, false”.

A once closed channel stays closed forever. So yes, you have to make a new channel, there is no “reopen” in Go.

Answered By – Volker

Answer Checked By – Mary Flores (GoLangFix Volunteer)

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